Hello, hi. Doing this sort of thing does not come naturally to me. I like the background, no spotlights for me (you see I am very shy until you get to know me!). So you may ask why this page? I am not actually 100% sure, maybe there is an inner extrovert inside me? Probably not, but anyway,

I used to work as a Fund Manager. I.e. I used to manage money. I am disillusioned with traditional asset managers. For me, investment is all about meeting the goals of your investors at the lowest possible cost (i.e. no expensive TV ads please).

I like learning and reading - a bit of a geek really. Now this is not just learning things we are comfortable with or show a certain aptitude for but it is about pushing the boundaries and trying your hand at picking up skills that may be difficult at first or that do not come naturally. I am a massive fan of websites such as Udacity.com and Coursera.org. In my humble opinion, this is the future of learning.

My latest love is coffee. My favourite drink is the Cortado followed by the Cappuccino. Although I love my coffee and shown instant coffee the door, I try not to be a coffee snob. No one likes a coffee snob!

So I hope you enjoy my thoughts on investing, books, technology and the world in general. I don't pretend to have all the answers. I believe the world is a very uncertain place. I do believe, though, in having an opinion - right or wrong.

I also don't expect thousands of followers here - I am just some young kid in South Africa!

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